Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Homer, do you even have a job anymore?

I've been working now for almost two months and, during this interval, I think I have seen my "boss" four times. This isn't the CEO of a company or anything, he is directly above me. His office is next to mine. He spends more time out of Massachusetts than in Massachusetts.

It's fantastic.

On the flipside, I'm in kind of an academic position, and he's a professor, so the mentoring situation leaves something to be desired - I've had to kind of farm myself out to all of the other professors whenever i have questions, which there have been a lot of. I'm working, essentially, with really big magnets, so there are safety issues as well as basic, scientific field migration questions.

Many of the safety questions were answered in the safety training video (well, at least the question "What's the worst thing that can happen?" was answered repeatedly in slightly different scenarios.....they were: fire extinguisher torpedoes into fMRI, fireman rushes into scanner room and gets stuck to MRI with the O2 tank on his back, recent grad drains all liquid helium out of MRI by pressing wrong button during first week of work, nurse wheels entire surgical cart into magnet room and entire contents of cart becomes projectiles...etc. There's a lot that can go wrong.) and I'm starting to get a handle on how it all works. I also went into the scanner for the first time the other day, and got this picture of my brain:


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